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YOUR BUSINESS MUST BE LOCATED IN PORT STEPHENS. Each request is MANUALLY checked by me and only Port Stephens Businesses will be accepted. Please contact me on 04 2525 1818 for further clarifications.

If your business is not from Port Stephens then please DO NOT fill in the form below.

Introduction & Features

Hi, my name is is Ray Bylart from PORT STEPHENS WEBSITES. I own and personally manage the MyPortStephens Business Directory.

I want to help promote your Port Stephens business online so your customers can find you easily & quickly. It's completely FREE to list your business in the MyPortStephens Business Directory. Features.

  • Promote your business locally to your customers. (MyPortStephens comes up the top of Google for many search terms and business categories)
  • Add a large description of what your business does. Add keywords to attract the right customers.
  • An interactive location map is included.
  • Full contact details so people can get to you easily.
  • Website link and contact form directly from your listing.
  • Full social links (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) so you can direct customers quickly to your social networks.
  • Customers can find you easily on ANY and ALL devices.
  • On mobile devices customers can "Tap to Call" your number so they can contact you quickly.

AND you have the backing of a LOCAL, PROFESSIONAL web designer (Port Stephens Websites) who will support you 100% in promoting your business.

MyPortStephens is EASY to use and completely FREE to list & promote your business. WHY? Because I'm Local and your Local - That's Why!

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